false front

false front
Synonyms and related words:
acting, affectation, affectedness, airs, airs and graces, anteriority, appearance, artificiality, attitudinizing, blazon, bluff, bluffing, bold front, brave face, brave front, bravura, brilliancy, camouflage, cheating, cloak, color, coloring, cover, daring, dash, deception, delusion, demonstration, disguise, display, dissemblance, dissembling, dissimulation, domino, dramatics, eclat, etalage, exhibition, exhibitionism, facade, face, facet, facia, fakery, faking, false air, false colors, false face, false show, falsity, fanfaronade, feigned belief, feigning, feint, figure, flair, flaunt, flaunting, flourish, fore, forefront, foreground, forehand, foreland, forepart, forequarter, foreside, foreword, four-flushing, fraud, front, front elevation, front man, front matter, front page, front view, frontage, frontal, frontier, frontispiece, gilt, gloss, head, heading, histrionics, humbug, humbuggery, hypocrisy, image, imposture, incognito, insincerity, lap, manifestation, mannerism, mask, masque, masquerade, mere show, meretriciousness, mummery, obverse, ostentation, outward show, pageant, pageantry, parade, playacting, pose, posing, posture, preface, prefix, pretense, pretension, pretext, priority, proscenium, protective coloration, prunes and prisms, public image, put-on, putting on airs, representation, seeming, semblance, sham, show, showing-off, simulacrum, simulation, smoke screen, speciousness, spectacle, splash, splurge, staginess, stylishness, theatrics, unnaturalness, varnish, vaunt, veil, visor, vizard, vizard mask, window dressing

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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